Monday, 8 August 2011

Some Tunes to Listen To and Analyse

Couple of jams for your entertainment. I'm going to deconstruct them a bit and emphasize the parts I thought were effective.

Myrkur - Transmission by Myrkur
This track is a favorite of mine and is an awesome example of what can be done with sub work. The chords set up rhythmic continuity along with nice driving drums. Then the sub bass drops which adds another dimension. It provides its own melody and has awesome rhythmic interplay between the chord stabs and the kick drum. The way it dances in between the drums gives the beat a bounce and adds new context to the stabs. Also, listen to how the hihats follow the sub. This track is arranged quite well and supports the philosophy of 'not too much, not too little.' Everything is in the right place.

This track has an exotic sort of vibe. Its arrangement progresses quite linearly, starting in one place and ending in another. The real climax of the song is at what I'd call the chorus I guess, although the section doesn't make another appearance. (1:56) Nice raw dirty bassline here that locks well with the drums. Background vocals providing supporting harmony that sets the stage for the lead vocal which comes in 16 bars later. The lower harmony on the lead vox here sounds really awesome and give it that extra character. After this climax it mellows out considerably as it brings the album to a close with more of the exotic vibes the song started with. My only complaint is I'd like to hear a more traditional arrangement with that badass bass brought back a couple times. This track is serving as the epic album closer though (note the track length) so in the overall scheme of the album, I'd say the arrangement does its part well. The supporting instruments and sound design are also very well done, especially in the first half leading to the climax. Listen for the things in the background.

Post your opinions or analyses in the comments!


  1. That bassline in Transmission is sinister.

  2. I enjoyed this stuff, really. Also you really seem to know your shit in what you write about them. You described the music perfectly.

  3. Although they both sounded great, I'll need a better set of speakers to hear all the intricacies that you list.