Friday, 7 October 2011

Fire... Blackstar, Common, Nas

It's been a while but the train's back up and running now. I'm gonna be dropping some more production articles in the near future including the follow ups to the EQ article. If you're just here for the fire though, this won't disappoint.

Blackstar, aka Mos Def and Talib Kweli, aka one of the best duos in hip hop. (Not to be confused with Binary Star) Coming in hard on this one, with that nice jazzy New York flavour and of course the lyrical finesse. Throw in some Common and you've got a nice joint sprinkled with style and lit with consciousness.

And again. Intelligent concepts and a catchy track stitch this one up tight. Read along with the lyrics if your ears can't snipe it live.

To finish up, some gritty from the King of NY. Part 2 to the OG track from Illmatic, this one's even darker. Piano adds a lot to the atmosphere and the production overall just bangs hard.

That's it for now. Roll credits, shout it out in the comments.